Gospel Bass Guitar Players

gospel bass guitar players
Jay Oliver – Gospel Bass Player “Offering Song/Shout SNAP”

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that he believes is the best bassist in the music?

I know it's a trick question, but being a bassist wannabee (I plays drums as a hobby) I know that work well when I hear it. I just want to see how many of you are aligned with my thoughts … I'm 45 and heard all the rock & r more over 5 years now. here are my favorites: the bassist Stanley Clarke Chic (Bernard Edwards, I think) is "Brothers Johnson" plays bass …. Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Geddy Lee (Punta) who played bass for the Isley Bros. back in the day by Fred Hammond (Gospel music very well), if there are other pieces please where I can go and listen too … thanks

Pete Wintz

gospel bass guitar players