Easy To Learn Guitar Solos

easy to learn guitar solos
Learn How To Play Easy Beginner Lead Guitar Solos – ep. 1 Where to start?

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Is there any easy guitar solos?

I just started learning the guitar and nobody knows quite easy to pass, but it seems guitar solos as well "Maybe I'm Amazed" by Paul McCartney? I prefer classic rock. Some examples?

A good few of them are relatively easy riffs that riffs of "My Love" McCartney Clapton "Wonderful Tonight," the Beatles "Something", "Samba Pa Ti" Santana is not too difficult, at least the written part of the soloist. Improvisation is a bit more difficult. This was the only first learned to play. I wrote the score and the fret and string to each note on the staff. A bit like a primitive Tab. I started playing guitar in 1968 so that no label then. Oye Como Va is quite simple. Try some of these start.

easy to learn guitar solos