Best Young Blues Guitar Players

best young blues guitar players
Young guitar player Nathan Gill, 11 years old, Plays the Blues with Buddy Guy

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Tickets Buddy Guy – Blues legend still rocking after all these years

Buddy Guy tickets are available for over 50 years and no matter how long password, this musical legend still packs houses all over the world and still brings home regularly with his style of soulful blues and rock and roll founders. Guy's life was one filled with nearly as successful as the fight, and a look at his personal history helps explain why he became an icon for millions of people worldwide.


George "Buddy" Guy was born July 30, 1936 at Lettsworth, Louisiana, and grew in a poor environment. Rather than face a life of manual labor in the hot sun of Louisiana, Guy learned the guitar as a child and played religiously. Their aspirations to become one of the best musicians in the world met with resistance from those close to him, but he persevered and continued to hone their skills.

Guy bounced "gin joints" in Louisiana as a young man, mostly in Baton Rouge, but soon decided he needed to go to a big city to realize its brand. That's exactly what he did in 1957 when he moved to Chicago at the age of 21.

Early Career

Arriving in Chicago, Guy fell under the influence what many regard as his predecessor on the Chicago blues scene, Muddy Waters. The following year, won a competition Guy local guitar which earned him his first recording contract. However, his career was difficult, because his style was not accepted by their labels. Guy was more of a guitarist freedom of movement tend to improvise in the studio and on stage, but its leaders demanded a more conservative "In the book" for all his work.

Guy tends to return to the scene of the escape art, like many of his early singles were not been released, even, and Buddy Guy tickets soon a hot spot in Chicago and elsewhere in the United States. Basically, he made a name for himself more as a live performer of an artist, and, possibly, his reputation spread throughout the world and led to a series of shows in Europe.

The success and influence

Guy presence and style are met finally accepting that shows continued attract large crowds, and the influence of the talents of people like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and the Rolling Stones, among others. Clapton, in particular, as the credits Guy his greatest influence and one of the greatest musicians I've ever seen.

In general, the success of Guy final stage, followed him to the recording studio, and became an award-winning singer. However, Guy is always on all of their live improvisation, and Buddy Guy tickets will ensure a night of soul-stirring blues.

best young blues guitar players