Best Way To Learn Guitar Fast

best way to learn guitar fast
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What is the best way to learn to play piano?

I wanted to learn to play incredible music. Or guitar or piano … indeed the piano. My roommate has this great keyboard and never used. I look every day and fantasize about playing Bach and Chopin. What is the fastest way to learn without having to pay for lessons? Or have a better idea? Musicians, please let me know.

Make money and lose weight, there is no "quick" way to learn the piano or other instrument. Unlike karaoke, play an instrument requires a good practice complex and repetitive hand movements of the fingers /. There is no substitute for this. And other responding, Tesla said, unless you want to be the person to the parties that can be played 3 chords on a piano and again in various positions and surprise your friends non-musician, so maybe you can see in a free online service and view videos on YouTube videos. But if you expect to become a classical musician seriously, then you should really find a good piano teacher. My reasons for choosing a master of himself, "a good teacher training Classic, will be able to identify and help correct bad habits such as poor technique. "You have someone stay disciplined. If you pay $ for the kind of confidence … me, you want to practice regularly and get your money "Your teacher has other students well and I hope to organize concerts. Act towards others and be close to other pianists is a sure way to get better "You will have someone who will be available to answer all your questions and advise you. My criteria for selecting a piano teacher: "If they have met the musicians themselves (recorded, performed, which has to do, etc.)? "They are a good teacher? You know interviews and ask questions. But even if they are a good teacher, if they are not good pianists (see first step) and a lot of sense-How many students have and how long they can spend outside of class? For example, are made available for questions by e-mail? "No recitals are held? – What things that hinder his own classical training (ie, exercise, history and theory of music, developing a repertoire interpretation, etc.)? "He taught music theory and appreciation, or simply go to help develop skills techniques? Last but not least, if in the first lesson, do not ask whether or not it will ask you to buy a metronome …. and to find a another teacher. Even if you choose to self-study, you should buy a metronome. Be prepared to make sacrifices, either with a teacher or self education, you spend 25 to 30% of time in each practice session (we hope you find the practice at least an hour every day) Working on ladders, drills, etc. The worst thing you can do in practice is the realization of a song and play it again and again and hoping each time is better than the last. Each song, whether a concert of Beethoven or 3 minutes a pop song, we must break up the pieces, using a metronome and work in the passages at a much slower pace, with your hands until you feel comfortable with increasing spead with few errors or not, and hands, etc.

best way to learn guitar fast