Best Blues Guitar Players In The World

best blues guitar players in the world
BBKing “Thrill is Gone” By Joey Vaughan “World Blues Attack” American Standard Telecaster

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rocknroll scale guitar guitarist best advanced?

Hello, I'm looking for a good guitar / music magazine for someone who played for 45 years …. someone who has learned to play listening to Jimi discs …. plays a lot of blues style. guitarist of the world or would the guitar to cut? are lame? Is there something better available in the U.S.?

I have copies of Guitar Player Magazine dating from 70 with a one year subscription in full today. All the other guitar magazines pale in comparison. I'm not a young man giving this advice, but a guitarist over 40 years that saw Hendrix The Beatles, The Doors and Joplin in concert. Check out the Guitar Player TV, an excellent way to learn more, Guitar Player does not account for the advertisers, but strong guitar produces the desired service. Many magazines, to tell you what happens, no recommendations for fear of harming their "bottom line." Guitar World is much more heavy metal .. if that's what you want?

best blues guitar players in the world