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wtf is a "baritone guitar"?!?

I found an ad in the magazine Guitar Danelectro Longhorn model guitars Player "Baritones." Weak, and I imagine that a baritone guitar is between a guitar and bass, but it just confused the hell out of me. I went in site damage, and are not really find anything. Does anyone have information on this strange beast?

I have one. It is 30 "wide (between mid bass and guitar). This is essentially the same as taking a 7-string guitar, which extends from 4.5 inches and cut the high E string. Takes a bit to learn to play, listening BEADGB (like the 6 strings of a 7-strings), but you can set however, is probably easier to play in BEADF # B to keep forms of agreement, if you're not familiar with / 7-string configuration.

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