Acoustic Electric Bass Guitar

acoustic electric bass guitar
Washburn Acoustic/Electric Bass AB10 Demo

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Which brand is widely considered the best acoustic guitarist in?

I'm looking to buy or electro-acoustic bass sound. Since I have a Fender electric bass and I'm pretty happy with the sound and the construction thereof. What brand would be a good medium price range for me to start research?

I bought 12 years ago and I ended up with a noise control work performed by Phil Clark – but it is semi-retired now. I seem to remember that the noise low at that time were small, irregular, different from the same brand and model have the same tonal characteristics. I recommend electro-acoustic. N acoustic bass generates enough noise to be heard, except in a very quiet room. It is, he said, will be judged by sound and touch. My process of buying a guitar (which I learned from a classical guitar major) will go to the store and made the reading a large number of them. Review this feel good and sound good for you. Once you've thrown a little, ask someone to read (preferably play exactly the same each time), while turning back, so you can evaluate the sound without being influenced by appearance or price. Once this process, you know. I would not trust any brand, in particular, I would like a real bass performance individual.

acoustic electric bass guitar