You Know You Play Guitar When

you know you play guitar when
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when you play, if u are in a particular key, you can play the notes in that key? or you can play or what?

I'm already a decent guitarist. I'm in a band and can play songs, but im a rhythm guitarist and I play based on memorization of riffs and chords. Im go back and try to actually learn the notes and scales and things like that. Can anyone help me find a way of knowing what key I play or play in a particular key?

There are only 12 notes to choose from. Of these 12, seven belong to a particular key. The other 5 can be used in a variety of ways. "It can be used as LEADER NOTES: If you listen to jazz is known for players how to play the notes quickly often leads to the "principal," he said. "If you have more than one new agreements that always bring new bills. Say, for example, a simple song, you play in C major. Is likely to start and end in an agreement which Mahora C 7 notes to choose from: The same CDEFGAB piece can enter an agreement of D minor, which is still used all the same seven notes. But you can also use string D major, to lead in soil major. If it is in their notes are D major: DEF # GAB C. The general key of the piece is still in C major, but has temporarily relocated in D major, which is a "dominant" in G major, which leads naturally to C major. This is just a simple example of the modulation. It is difficult to explain this question in this format, but I trust that will serve as a starting point for your explorations. Before you dive into the modulations and transitions, however, make you learn your sleeve!

you know you play guitar when