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play guitar hero free on computer
Frets on Fire – Guitar Hero for the Computer

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How to run a game again record broken?

Read it carefully if you can help! On September 02, bought the hero guitar recently published 5. The package includes stickers that could be sent with a reception and a logo printed on the computer and get the guitar hero Van Halen novel free. Well, yesterday I have it in the mail. Today, I played like a roll of tape fell on my xbox, causing the blade half-circle was a scratch, it's not working. Then I go to the list of songs that says the disc is unreadable, and the chances are, you know what you think. Then question is, is there a proven method that makes the game again from scratch? I can not send the return match Activision, and I only charge $ 20 for replacement.

depends on the size is equal to zero, if not great and that u pay $ 5 Ur video store and have it corrected if this work does not pay $ 20 for a new album is not that costs $ 20 per disc yet and if the video store fixed it still pay $ 20 to get a new copy, then sell it on ebay or something and keep the other

play guitar hero free on computer