Local Guitar Lessons

local guitar lessons
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Good idea to learn the piano and guitar?

Now, I had piano lessons when I was in sixth grade and the fifth. Well, I'm 18 and I almost forgot all fill and want to go back to piano. Maybe I could come back to me once I get in piano lessons again, I'm not sure. But I also want to take guitar lessons at the same time, because I always had a keen interest in guitar as well. I want to subscribe to a piano lesson once a week in the local community college in my town and do it once a week, private guitar lessons. Do you think it's a good idea to learn both at once?

Yes, I think what a great idea to learn the piano and guitar. The piano is the theoretical foundation of all other instruments, and to better understand the piano better understand the guitar or other instrument. After a while, you remember what you did before and make the most sense. So I think the class once a week at the piano in the local community college is a good way back to the piano. Good luck!

local guitar lessons