Learn To Play Guitar Ps2

learn to play guitar ps2
Lets play Guitar Hero part 1 I love Rock & Roll

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Question on the success of GH?

GH Smash Hits have for PS2. I have a few questions actually. First, you can make in customs this version? Second can turn the crowd cheer when the star power is activated? and 3 I turned the sound effects, but all still are. and if oh please not say get a life or anything, because I have one and even if you say I should learn to play guitar very well do not worry I plan not to run. I do not have much money and it would be difficult to get a guitar and lessons. So no holes *** ^ _ ^ No, I do not want the operator of a rock star, I mean the songs custom factory, and not without vocals, but the sounds that occur when you miss a note or use the star power

Lol I play fake instruments as well. Yes, you have the "Rock Star Creator" custom character designer. I do not think that you can turn off the crowd, and I do not know The sound effects do not go down. Are you trying to turn the vocal track down, or something else?

learn to play guitar ps2