Learn To Play Guitar Bar Chords

learn to play guitar bar chords
Learn To Play Acoustic Guitar chuck open and bar chords

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I must learn to play chords B and a bar on the guitar?

Can you help me! I can not! Thank you! I have to learn fast!

The best way to play a chord on the guitar to B is a partial capo. Stretch your index finger the fifth string to second string second fret ants (although the chain of 5 e is the only one that is vital to be cranked down), followed by fingertips, the second or third (Most convenient) to from the fourth channel of the second string on the fourth fret. Do not play the first string or the last. You can cut the first string with your index and you should be able to amortize the sixth string at rest the tip of his index finger at him too. This is a power chord commonly used by road. You can leave the third side of the line buffer of the second string. Party Bar Bar 2.5 2.4 3.2 4.4 3.4 4.2 partial strings cushion first and last in the easiest way to play is like a firm "A" shape. You play an open An agreement by placing your fingers in any combination of first, second and third feels comfortable for you (all over wrinkled) on string, second, third and fourth on the second fret 6 / 0 5 / 0 4 / 2 3 / 2 2 / 2 1 / 0 To play a chord B, just change the typing fingers, second, third and fourth fingers move to the fourth slot, and the bar on the second fret with first finger completely! Second box – Bar – 2.6 2.5 2.4 3.2 2.2 1.2 fourth fret – – – – – – finger the third finger 4 4.4 4.3 4.2 On the second finger, course, can make a partial capo through the fourth slot, and only slow the first string, but is very similar to the first method. The bar to another standard is based on the E major chord 6 / 0 5 / 2 4 / 2 3 / 1 2 / 0 1 / 0 The first finger is on the first section of the rope. The second finger is on the second fret the fourth string, and the third finger is on the second fret of the fifth string. ยช B play a bar, just change the fingering for the second finger on the first fret of the third string, third finger on the second fret of the fourth string, fret and ring in the second to the fifth string. Now bar the first fret with your index finger. The chord you play is F major. If you pass on the third fret, C 'is playing in G major. Slip in the fifth fret and play a major. Slip into the seventh fret and you have a chord of B major. Do not expect the night sounds good. It takes three weeks to months of the index to gain enough strength to effectively bar. Hope this helps

learn to play guitar bar chords