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learn guitar with garageband
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How can I get a type Relient K tone?

I just got a little electric guitar, so I'm not very experienced with achieving a certain tone, and I'm trying to learn Relient K. At this stage I am only a mediocre amp that came with my guitar (a Epiphone Les Paul speciall II), but I'm looking to get a cable to connect my guitar to my Mac through Garageband, where I will be 5 amps and 10 effect pedals for use. No matter what I do, my power chords sound too thick and dark, and my bias is too much, deformed (Fuzz, culture, etc.) I'm more interested in his tone as before (think Score: 5 and 7 years and Mmhmm). @ Gar: The cable that I get is a 1 / 4 "with the USB cable that is supposed to clean the signal a little not only 1 / 4 "to 1 / 8" adapter, and finally, I think I'll have a more professional interface (I might add that I am a teenager and has a limited budget). In addition, yes, I, while obtaining a better (though still low) amps when I practice, but no start.

go through a pedal or a preamp before reaching your computer. opens the tone and get closer to the sound you want. Identification long-term course to get a better amp.

learn guitar with garageband

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