Learn Guitar Notes Online For Free

learn guitar notes online for free
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Is this a way to learn guitar god?

I can not find free sheet music, if the practice to research notes the strings before playing a card. Then do an online test of the height and then also make notes on the piano. Do you think that is a good way to learn

It's a start. As a guitarist first need to focus more on learning agreements and the development of your technique scraping. Start learning basic forms and shapes of 6 major chord. ACDEF G. Then learn the variations of minor chords and seventh of the same. With this you can begin to learn many songs. I strongly suggest taking lessons with a good local instructor qualified. You can support more within a month of lessons of what can be a year of trying to teach yourself. Most people who try to teach themselves come gave up because of frustration and lack of direction. A good instructor can show the right way to play and stay motivated.

learn guitar notes online for free