Learn Guitar Fingerstyle

learn guitar fingerstyle
Learn to fingerpick basics of fingerstyle acoustic guitar

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How long does it take to learn a song on guitar fingerings?

I can only play four songs fingerstyle in 2 months, my progress fingerstyle sucks.

Why not see if oyu have the correct finger pickin style technique. There are quality websites that can help you master the technique. It takes a strong sense of independence. And electric classic game and what helped me in recent years is the conventional technique. I combined selection and the rest of the fingers to start the agreements and the use of alternate picking with his thumb. Remember that some of these players as Chet Atkins and others have worked for years. Do not expect to master this technique for months. It will take a good 2 years to start really get into the groove. Check out these sites …. http://nxsweb.com/guitar-lesson-fingerpicking.php http://www.guitarknowledgenet.com/lessons/lesson_page.php?lesson=15

learn guitar fingerstyle