How To Play Guitar With Computer

how to play guitar with computer
How to Play a B Chord

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How do I register my guitar on my computer?

Hello, I want to record some of my guitar to change, and put in a CD Send to a record company in California (and I live in New York). I have a Peavy 15w amplifier vypyr, G9.2tt ZOOM pedal, and guitar with the Ibanez Standard 1 / 4 ". What is what I need (cables and equipment) and what software I need to get a quality recording really good. I have about $ 150 to spend on things together.

For $ 100 you can buy a Pro Tools (recording software standard industry) Recording Studio (in a box) at Best Buy and probably can find Online. The box contains an M-Audio Fast Track USB interface audio to your computer, and Pro Tools M-Powered Recording Software key. It's certainly an early version of Pro Tools, but it contains everything needed including you need to start and learn to use software for recording and editing music. I am a composer and I use Pro Tools LE the next step in the Pro Tools for about $ 500. This $ 100 system can do almost anything you can do for much less. You may need to improve and add bells and whistles to your home studio, but for now, it's a great way to go. Many promoters of professional music in fact, you ask for your Pro Tools music format. That is why I have it. There are huge advantages for saving your music on a computer. It will save time and money. You can get all the notes with perfect little patience in less time than going to a recording studio professional and overtime pay. You can also experiment with their song after recording a perfect by the addition of digital effects that come with Pro Tools. If you are recording the song is repetitive in some places, you just sign this part once and you can cut and paste anywhere on the track. If you make a mistake, you do not save more of it, just to correct the error and either editing or simply re-measurement. You can even record other guitar parts to give a fuller sound. For example, I usually to record a rhythm guitar track first rhythm digital drum track that is built into Pro Tools. You can vary the drums and rhythm and the track rhythmic style. Really good. Then used to record a bass part to go with the rhythm section. Then you can add a little guitar or some keyboard or keyboard effects, other instruments I need a saxophone for example. When I recorded all the music, I'll sing the title role and very often I'll add the background vocals and a few riffs that must be completed. I even recorded the harmony 5-part and sings all the parts of myself. With the right vocal effects that could even resemble a group of girls or a boy and a girl duo or something. It awesome! Then, when you have a masterpiece of engraving perfect, you get a myspace page and become a star! Even if you are not logged in you can actually make a living by selling his original songs on the Internet through CD Baby or or any number of other sites that specialize in "indie" (independent artists) music. Good luck!

how to play guitar with computer

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