How To Play Guitar Reggae Style

how to play guitar reggae style
Reggae Guitar Lesson Style & Performance

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How to improve my playing the bass?

I am quite well known in blues, funk soul (semi-professionally in Europe), but would like to play Latin and reggae styles. I've never taken lessons and can not read music. What do you recommend to learn to play these styles of music? What Wear attention in these styles of music? What hear and what the titles are good for beginners?

Being a semi-professional player under which you should know the answer to this question. However … Being fluent in many styles of playing bass and guitar myself I suggest buying your favorite artists on gender and listen again and again. Listen to slaughter and the Upbeats. Listen to the accents each note played. Observed that beat? Reggae is very easy for a blues musician. I would also download tableture for these types of songs. Tableture, if you are not familiar with the term, not music players, music for guitar and bass that shows the fingers and the frets positions of the songs.

how to play guitar reggae style