How To Learn Guitar On The Internet

how to learn guitar on the internet
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if I want to learn guitar and read music and how can I start?

I play the piano for about nine years or more, and I really want learn guitar. I can not learn, however, how do I start? I mean, what is the process of learning the guitar? I looked Internet and say they learn the tabs and chords, but what about regular notes? makes no sense and I do not know what to do first. Thank you for any help you can, one of the songs I like Cannon, played by "Funtwo" on YouTube. is that the individual notes or chords?

If you mean the Spanish course of things, see the "classical guitar music." If you mean like rock and pop guitar (Acoustic), all you need do is learn the chords, which makes it much easier. Try to find books for Mel Bay, so I taught. Piano and acoustic guitar are very different. I can play at once.

how to learn guitar on the internet

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