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guitar play free games
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Famous musicians no video games?

I am a musician inspired to play World of Warcraft, do you think that WoW is time consuming out of the process of writing such as letters, song structures. I have two tanks in the music industry or do you think its good to have time free time working in the music and play WoW or do u think I'm doing my free time listening time? from now I play drums, guitar acoustic n keys, which I do in your oppinon?

I am a musician and to find, and I also play World of Warcraft. I think the game has really helped to create ideas, and makes me more creative in the world of music. Plus it's good to have free time to work on music to do something a little different. I suggest keep doing what you feel helps you relax a little stressful world of music and fun. Also, Ozzy Osbourne to play WoW =).

guitar play free games