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easy to learn guitar songs free
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I want to learn guitar

I suck is the guitar and play a little. My parents paid for guitar lessons, but really learned nothing from the teacher was not good, but mostly I was impatient. I ask is a website where I can get free lessons guitar video, and I can see the results almost immediately under mediocre songs to play as easy as I can see the results when I am practicing at the latest. The main reason I do not because I like the guitar, in fact, so far everything I hate. But after I'm good at the violin and could play a few songs later, I began to love the violin, but the main reason you want to play guitar is to make my parents happy, I feel bad for wasting money on guitar lessons and guitar. So I would like to know guitar without spending money all.

Well, if you do not have the heart of the guitar, so we're not going to learn (most do certain things just to please other, despite the hatred that has never really worked, especially in this case) I can not really understand most of your questions please change errors (the punctuation help considerably), but from what I understand you want a guitar lesson free and easy, so you can see the results quickly and easily (a friend, so sorry to say this, but it will not happen) there are many free resources that are in the web that we recommend www.freeguitarvideos.com probably the best out there but if you do not have the heart to learn guitar songs easy to learn seems impossible to you. Most guitarist can not see no improvement for not playing until the week after the start of a lesson and hopes to be able to see improvements, while the practice as I am sorry, but unless you have the patience and determination is simply not going to work. So I suggest if you like violin stick to it. You should not feel obliged to play an instrument I do not like your music will be forced. Hope that helps, if not not if you have any questions feel free to contact me or pass

easy to learn guitar songs free