Can You Learn To Play Guitar Online

can you learn to play guitar online
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How to play guitar?

Well, I'm learning to play guitar online because I can not afford a teacher and I learned everything, but how to play and it's hard because I keep the strings of the fret and strum of the channel near the mouth of the guitar and is still a sound start i dong wrong or something? and you know how to play guitar you can help me, I get your e-mail and I can teach IM or something

Playing guitar is entirely a matter for research. Upon picking up the guitar you play. I play for many years and I'm still learning something new. One must ask how well I'll take that. If you're happy just to learn to scrape or wants to come in many different styles, ie, classical, flamenco, country finger picking, jazz, etc. It all depends on what you like. Start by sending a simple song alone. Try not to choose something that complicated at first. To begin, I would start by learning the parts of a guitar. Learn the notes of open strings. Make sure you have a good tuner to tune your strings. Then, to know what style you wish to study. A technique way to obtain strong fingers is to put your hand in front of the washer, and hold the string on her finger and falls on that strike the string with a pick or point the finger to the opposite hand. with sufficient force so that the string vibrates freely to release a clean sound. Now this for the next channel on each side or down. Continue until you can hit each string where the string vibrates freely. Then try a metronome. Continue until you can easily play all strings to bet on a bet slow metronome. Then pick up speed. Today, it is easier to learn than ever. If you have a favorite song, first try to find a simple song, watch You-Tube to see if someone offers to show you how to play this particular song. Hope this helps. Send me a note if you want more suggestions. Greetings

can you learn to play guitar online