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watch and learn guitar videos
Rodrigo y Gabriela guitar video lesson

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What is the first thing you should learn the guitar?

I have an electric guitar and I want to play Heart Shaped Box (Nirvana) and Beat It (MJ) talent show my school, which is in late May or early June I just watched a video on YouTube on how to play Smoke On The Water, just because is a song for the opening of the guitar, and I saw the video until the man was on the fifth fret. After that, I could not see and only taught me the rest. I do not know the notes or chords or something and now I am myself teaching things in his ear. My Channel 6 students, or the 1st string, I do not know if you have below upwards, or vice versa, but is higher as it may seem, the thinnest string is gone, it broke. And I have no guitar is just a small cheap electric target or some thing. I'll save and buy a new one before the show. But anyway, they are learning the basics of electric guitar for beginners? And it could learn these songs in 4 months?

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watch and learn guitar videos