Shred Lessons

shred lessons
Paul Gilbert-Shred Lesson Part 1

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I change my guitar 7-string bass a rope 7, I take lessons?

I played acoustic for 2 years and I play the guitar style metal for 4 years and this move to low for fun. I've never played a little before 7-strings, but my brother just got an F # bass Warwick, B, E, A, D, G, C for my birthday and he is the boss! The neck is huge and the frets are a freakin mile away. I can not destroy it. In fact, I really I can not play at all. I thought I played guitar and would be a freakin breeze. Should I take courses in low and start a 4 string bass or simply follow the chain 7 and play like a 7 string guitar … does not make sense.

I hate to be negative … but I would say, if you want to play bass, start with a basic string 4 or 5 strings at most. I'm sure the intention of his brother were good, but a bit like having a driver's license of his son and a tractor-trailer in the same week … Low 7-String is like an ax specialist, I've never seen. The F # below 7 degrees below normal low E is almost sub-harmonics. You need a subwoofer to hear the same basic … and the high C string? Why? It is a bit … 😉 … and if it comes over the guitar, I'm sure you realize that is granted all the 4ths, other than a guitar, so there's really no advantage to have all discussions … and the field should look like an airport runway … Should I continue? the peace ;-).

shred lessons