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learn to play guitar games online
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"I can learn to play piano with a keyboard?

I mean to play the piano because my family and I can not afford a piano at that time. I $ 200, so I'll probably buy a 61-key keyboard. I am ready to teach myself and about 1-2 hours, and I'm stretching the fingers touching the guitar by far. Basically, what I can learn with a keyboard 61? Are there any books or games or courses online or buy from a store that you recommend?

Of course, I really started playing the keyboard before playing the piano. But I must warn that there are two different styles-1 is called the accompaniment keyboard where the left hand plays the chords that control of the music background played by the keyboard, and his right hand plays the melody. But, of course, normal pianos do not do that! The other style is the place to play songs with both hands, which is the same as that of a normal piano. I started playing the accompaniment keyboard before I learned the piano, using the complete series keyboards, but if you just want to aim for the piano, then you should learn to play melodies in both hands. It took me a while to adjust the piano keyboard for my style, but I like to play both styles. Should also be aware that the keys piano keys are much lighter, and you should play with something called "Touch Response", which means that more difficult to support a key, the stronger it is. Do not keep things as find it difficult to adapt to the piano when it comes to him. If you go into any store music you'll find many books that can teach you. Read through them and only buy those that feel you understand it easier. to start.

learn to play guitar games online