Learn How To Play Guitar Bass Lessons

learn how to play guitar bass lessons
Bass Lesson – Easily Learn How to Play Bass Lines by Ear

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How long does it take to learn to play bass guitar in a band?

I love music, so I decided to take bass and possibly play in a band with my friend who plays guitar for 6 years. I know the length you need to learn on bass also depends several factors, so here's a list: "I was a percussionist in 5 years, I'm 15, I can read the rhythm and the notes very well that the intention for tuition, I was told my teachers that I am, very quickly, "the practice of 3 hours per day, my friend is also give me advice and I'm very dedicated, I have my bass a week ago and taught me Seven Nation Army (White Stripes), the national anthem (Radiohead) Money (Pink Floyd), blisters in the Sun (Violent Femmes) and am currently working on learning to meet and saw her standing (Beatles)

Band depends on the skill level and type of music that will play, but if you're serious about the attributes you listed, I would say I could do in three months.

learn how to play guitar bass lessons