How To Play Guitar Hero On Computer

how to play guitar hero on computer
how to use your guitar hero or rock band guitar on your computer

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Why can not I download this video on YouTube?

Me and my friend we recorded with the camera and the game Guitar Hero World Tour on your X-box360 and then uploaded to my computer and then Windows Movie Maker to edit and recorded and released on my computer. And now will not let you download from YouTube! Why not? Us a YouTube account and put the director on it too. Ok so there are two videos. 1:158 MG 3min 42sec Video 2: 1min 25sec 63.8MG

YouTube does not accept file exceeding 100 MB and 10 minutes, divided and loaded separately in series … moviePart1 example, moviePart2 … – For video editing and division …. filmmaker can help you split and edit. Windows Movie Maker (included with your machine Windows) … can help you make the presentation of beautiful or video clip (eg mixing your songs with pictures / video / etc )…. then save as video file such as wmv format … finally upload. or .. Just get those clips you want, save and convert, and then mix / match with Photo / sound / windows, etc. using Movie Maker to create new leaders …. This was to help …. "Zillatube use. It The easiest (and fastest) way. Zillatube mpg/mp3 product formats that are compatible youtube windows movie maker (or media player), and more. It is very easy to download and convert videos. Then edit the converted videos with Windows Movie Maker mp3/mpg … save your file and then download wmv. Search works fine …. just google for "zillatube" ============================= ♥ ♥ ♥

how to play guitar hero on computer